Free range eggs are from farms where hens can move freely around barns and outside on grassed areas. McDonald’s restaurants use 100% freshly cracked free range eggs.

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Ever wonder why our McCafe beverages and tea or coffee taste so good? The secret is using Rewa and Anchor fresh milk ingredients. Explore Other Ingredients […]


All our chicken comes from Fiji’s leading supplier, Crest Chicken. It’s prepared using the most modern processing equipment to ensure top quality. Explore Other Ingredients


100% arabica beans, ground to perfection. Your day just wouldn’t be complete without the perfect coffee. Savour every drop from the rich blend of espresso, silky […]


We use only 100% pure beef sourced from farmers in regions such as King Country and Canterbury to create the tastiest burger around. Explore Other Ingredients


We only use select, top grade potatoes such as the Russet Burbank grown in prime farming regions like Canterbury because we like our fries consistently fluffy […]


Grown right here in New Zealand, the unique flavour and crisp texture of Iceberg lettuce is perfect with our burgers. Explore Other Ingredients


Caught locally in the sparkling waters that surround New Zealand, our Hoki is renowned for its succulent texture, white flesh and great taste. Explore Other Ingredients